Michel Forst States That Haiti's Highest Court Is U.S. Inter Court

Toulimen Legrand - February 12 2012, 7:26 PM

This dog expert believes that Haiti's highest court is US Inter-Court meaning that Haiti is a US territory.

He did not state International Tribunal Court as TPI know as Tribunal Penal International, which US is not a member, but US intercourt known in French as La Cour Ineter-Americaine.

He wants Duvalier's victims to reach this court in case the Haitian Justice does not render a verdict in their favor just to prove US supremacy over Haiti as being under US protectorate.

Haitian political and economic leaders are beggars and they will never end this protectorate.

I wish Dessalines could wake up and kill all of them for enslaving a freed country like Haiti.

Michel Forst should be arrested and tried in Haiti for negating Haiti's sovereignty.

Martelly, please get Michel Forst arrested right away because he does not respect the sovereignty of Haiti.

We don't want those hypocrit dogs to tell us what to do. Shalom, please mare yo e jije yo tou tande!

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