I do love Francois Duvalier and as a physicist and...

Toulimen Legrand - February 17 2012, 11:39 PM

I do love Francois Duvalier and as a physicist and ethno-sociologist he understood Haitian core problems.

He was one of the greatest president that Haiti had ever known.

Under Duvalier Francois, Haitians were respected all over the world and Duvalier's legacy for the black masses is immense.

However, Duvalier Jean-Claude was a puppet and a kinky hair mulatto who can barely speak creole.

With Nicolas Duvalier II, Haiti will be worst than it was under his father.

Jean-Claude Duvalier sold black Haitian slaves to Dominican Republic and those slaves will never be freed unless we negotiate their return through the United Nations.

Jean-Claude brought shame to Haiti by selling his brothers as slaves to enrich himself and the Haitian oligarchy.

I will campaign in Haiti against Duvalier Nicolas II and this will not happen under my watch ok. Both son and dad are not Duvalierists although they carry Duvalier's name. Duvalier, Aristide and the generals cannot be elected again.

I will prevent them from gaining power in Haiti.

If they want to help Haiti through humanitarian relief efforts, I will commend them, but for the Haitian presidency I will be a suicide bomber to stop them. If they think America is sleeping, they need to think twice.

They have three drones airplanes over Haiti and their days are numbered my friend.

America will not allow Nicolas to be in power in Haiti.

This is the end of Duvalier Jean-Claude and son in Haiti because they are not Duvalierist.

I am a Duvalierist myself without carrying the Duvalier's name. Duvalier Francois, Dessalines, Soulouque and Estime are the greatest presidents ever known in Haiti.

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