A Message For President Michel Martelly

Jd - April 4 2011, 8:04 PM

Dear President Martelly,
Congratulations!!! You represent a deviation from the norm because you have not being part of Haiti's politics.

You do have the unique potential to bring something fresh and different to the country.

Please be very different from any other presidents we ever had in Haiti.

You can not change the country alone and 5 years is not enough, but we should all come together and make the best of a bad situation.

First thing first, please let's give the security issue TOP PRIORITY, so we can feel safe to land home and start helping.

Then comes the Haitian mentality, I am not saying you can change that or any of us can for that matter, but please let's get them to hear about basic human rights, social rights, respect and how to live in a community through your speaches, radio, and TV. We do have a long way to go; however, we must start somewhere.

We may not be able to bring Haiti to the level of other Countries like USA or Canada, but we can be the best little Island nation possible given our limitations (money, education, and time).

Congratulations one more time, I miss my country...

There is so much good that can be done in Haiti, but we Haitians are the problem.

We don't have respect for one another, we don't accept the circle of life (It is ok for diffent people to have different financial level).

I don't like being in exile here because I don't feel safe back home although I have never been in politics.

Let's get the ball rolling Mr. President de la Republique D'Haiti.

I am proud to be Haitian.

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