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Hello my president is the best | Martelly Haiti .com

Hello my president is the best

Atson - February 27 2012, 11:03 AM

id`like for haiti my county `s change for all haitian who livin outside come back to live in haiti, work with out problem,, its time for all haitian put hands together to carry a good changement for haiti, stop fighting between us, for the other nation get respect 4 us,, its a shame for me, when i see, that i feel better when im living out of country.

so im very happy for all that u begin to do president keep on like that, doen`t worry about the other who talking shitt, the majority are for u, we believe in you, we think haiti will be change with you .kite yo bat kow yo, si yo pa poze nap fout 10 ans president

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