CIA Lavalas and CIA Duvalierists Inflitrate Martelly's Government

Toulimen Legrand - March 3 2012, 12:46 PM

The Haitian government needs to know who are getting paid by the US CIA to divide the country like that. We need to have a law controlling those NGOs in Haiti because most of them are being funded by CIA to divide Haitians.

They are everywhere in the country like cockroaches and they interfere in most Haitian affairs to keep their F Curse alive.

We need to show them that we are controlling Haiti and not them. We need to get them expelled if they are not doing real humanitarian works aimed at changing people's lives in Haiti.

We need to restore good leadership in this country by putting in place a real information service aimed at controlling those NGOs and those foreign embassies in Haiti because they are the ones and along with some moron Haitians like Moise Jean-Charles and Duvalierist Louis Roy in hell now to keep Haiti in abject poverty in the Caribbean Region.

We must stand up to defend the country like the Egyptian Military members just did by expelling those CIA NGOs from Egypt.

We need a strong man like Tantawi to control Haiti.

Himmler Rebu can restore this strong leadership by leading the new army. Former Captain James Jean-Baptiste if he is still alive can help restoring order in Haiti.

If we cannot control and contain CIA in Haiti they will divide us forever and Haiti will remain the poorest country on earth.

The United States's self politics of containment of Haiti is responsible for the abject poverty in Haiti.

This type of politics discourage elites members and politicians in the country in promoting changes in the country.

US and its allies are against our freedom and again our lack of leadership makes it worse.

If we cannot change course we will be doomed to failure.

The priority in Haiti now is to contain the CIA and the NGOs before changes can occur in Haiti.

CIA is like worms in feces and they are parasites living inside you forever.

They are good at dividing and killing Haitian dissidents.

They kidnap, kill, divide and infiltrate all institutions in Haiti and they are the makers of those crisis in Haiti.

A good Etat De Droit cannot be established without containing CIA in Haiti ok Martelly.

You need to understand that!

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Toulimen says: "CIA is like worms in feces and they are parasites living inside you forever". Jean Pierre Alexandre Says: There are remedies to remove parasites from the intestines,the are very cheap. CIA where there when God was creating the w more »