Arcahaie Must beautiful beach for tourist Mr President please

Frantz - March 12 2012, 5:44 PM

Mr president I congratulated you as my president cause u are doing a great job I am so happy for Haiti cause I can see change coming to my brothers and sisters who been struggling for a very long time and also theses who die on the earthquake will not die in vain with the Martelly administration that for sure
Mr President arcahaie is a very beautiful city with amazing history of Catherine Flond /Drapo ayiti te koud nan vil arcahaie /this city is close to the city and there is a lot of beach there more then 100 I visited almost all so Mr president can u please see what can u do for us cause we can't no longer living in the dock with all theses richest value around us please bring investment to create hotel and jobs for us in arcahaie we have calico beach, plage public, moulin sur mer, club med, younga bay, Caona beach, bora bora, nan tipwent, DGI,lily ba beach, anba st ard beach etc Mr president please don't forget about arcahaie ok
One love

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