Rev. Duval Denis, Haitians don't trully or really want Haiti...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 21 2012, 6:57 AM

Rev. Duval Denis, Haitians don't trully or really want Haiti to be free or selfsuficient.

The curse of Beelzebuth demon is upon their heads;When you serve Satan you have all the odds against you.
Beelzebuth owns Haitians for life until they repent, i mean all of them;
As a Rev, you should know better than that.You can not be free by fasting alone or prayers;You cannot invite or force people whom don't accept Jesus Christ as their savior to do what you've mentioned above.

Statistics shows 5 million Christians in Haiti.

These 5 million should works harder if they love their brothers and sisters, to bring all of the rest to repentance, if with they owns consents they refuse to join the sheep "or" they rather stay with the goat"Beelzebuth".

Than the 5 million Christians in Haiti wash the bloods of their hands.

The Church in Haiti have a lot of works to do.
Rev, you cannot have delivrance after 3,7 or 40 days fasting, prayers,sleeping on sacs cloths, put ashes on your heads, eats beans cakes that was cooks over animals dungs like Ezekiel, specially now a days were the whole planet deserve to stand still for 3 days until the parasites on his surface to clear up.
Rev, this is madness, the whole planet is in sin;Let's say for the sake of love God spare us"Haitians"from this calamity.What about the rest of the world?

I don't thing Haiti is the center of the entire planet, Rev?

Rev, it's the entire planet that need to be save.
I hope you are not praying for Haiti alone, because all humanity is in sin.
Satan rules the world, you should know that, Rev.
Only God can bring peace, love.
Jesus Christ will rule the entire planet.

No more A S S H O L E S like Obama, Martelly,Putin, Fernandez,Chavez, Mahmoud ahmadinej, and all the rest Kings, Queens, Monarch,other Garbage system that i don't care for.
Peace Rev,



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