Mr Toulimen I understand your frustration but what is the...

Kamoken Scandinavia - March 26 2012, 8:14 PM

Mr Toulimen
I understand your frustration but what is the alternative to the sight
I may not quite agree with the idea of bringing the site very often we from the third world when we can not keep up with the arguments or a government or someone we want to take him down.
Let's reason a little bit and resolve our difference so the "white man" behing Google does not have once more to trancher nos differences.

I am also calling on the blog manager to behave in a democratic way in this age of great technology.

Quite frankly when I get here it is already almost morning time in America and very often I ran to the Computer to see what my brothers and sisters are doing in the other side of the Atlantic...

Kamoken Scandinavia


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I agree that he can block people who are using foul...

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