Where The Vaccins Coming From?

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 27 2012, 6:45 AM

Who will takes responsibility if the vaccine...?

Remember the vaccines from China that kills more than 80 kids"Babies".

Haiti, the land of rats-labs

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tuesday, 03/27/12 12:01am - Morning Edition Richard Knox A young girl bathes in an irrigation canal. The canal and nearby river are the primary sources of water for most people who live in the country around St. Marc.A hundred thousand peo more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

With those vaccines now, they will get Haiti under control as their dream is to reduce its population to five millions in the next decade. Tell your family not to take those vaccines and stay away from those criminals with the intent to kill as well more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I already warn them since last year of anything from the Haitian government or others. We are all over Haiti doing our regular routines with no worries. Thanks more »