Richard Nixon and the New World Order in Haiti

Joubert - April 4 2012, 6:34 PM

1. Force Duvalier Jean-Claude to accept the new definitions of chromosomes as determinant factor of human physical characteristics and not determinant factor for sex and gender based in 1972.

2. Buy and burn down all Haitian biology book advocating chromosomes as determinant factor of human gender.

3. Make Haitians acknowledge the new definitions of chromosomes and accept that homosexuality is not a sin nor a disease based on AMA's definition.

AMA stands for American Medical Association.

4. Force Duvalier son to redefine foods not as nutritive substances as absorbed for enabling healthy lifestyle but as fuel to produce carbohydrates in a person's body...

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Samba says...

By redefining chromosomes you as determinant factor explaining human physical characteristics they came up with the antichromosome genes to modify gender in those advanced countries. A person with 50% male chromosomes and 50% females chromosomes woul more »