I have more than 2 years highlighting the fact that the...

Antoine Simon Estime - April 5 2012, 10:11 PM

I have more than 2 years highlighting the fact that the constituti on of Haiti has no provision of e quality and respect to a loyal dia spora/dual citizenship

2 billions $$$ a year in tranfer and other help to Haiti is not the most important point.

The world today is about integra
tion, collaboration and communica tion. That's why country like India, China, Brasil can pull some important Jobs and technology from the other powers and keep progres sing.
With our traditional stone age vi sion "control of power" Haiti, cannot take or give advantages to his loyal Diaspora/dual citizen ship. No Body in Haiti can articu late a good reason why diapora and double citizenship are not consti tutionally Equal.

Is it going to be bad for Haiti if Diaspora/dual citizenship have equality?

Every expert will see only benefits to the development of Haiti.

But from local polititians, all the answers will take you to a narrow vision of egocentrique "control of power"


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