Haitian lives barely worth nothing!

Joey - April 8 2012, 4:48 PM

Traffic accident is the biggest killer in Haiti.

Why doesn't the government believe that and put an end to it?

Why the government keeps turning a blind eye to the lives of its citizens?

Why doesn't the government really care about Haitian's right to live?

A number of 27 Haitians just lost their lives in a freak traffic accident on the way to Petit-Goave.

My question to the government and to the Haitian people is, how in the name of God a bus could carry 66 people plus tons of sacs of products?

Not even in the United States there is a bus to carry that many people plus...

Why doesn't Haiti have "Speed Limits?" Why doesn't Haiti have police patroling the roads?

Why there are no laws dictating how many people busses should carry, etc. etc...?

It's about time that the government comes up with a plan to protect and save Haitian lives from the road in this 21st century.

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