Haiti: A Country Filled With A Bunch of Morons

Toulimen Legrand - April 10 2012, 2:44 PM

Haiti has no elites and the elites members have no leadership and vision to develop their colony called Haiti.

They are pleased with their reconciliation with the French elites for killing Dessalines on their behalf and they have no goals in mind at developing this land.God took Petion's life for poisoning Dessalines and he will take more lives ahead.

Dessalines'blood will never be spilled in vain. Haitians have no culture and no ancestral roots to follow like the Israelis.

Haitians got liberated in the same way Israelis got liberated under the Egyptians' colonization.

God loves and cherishes people who bless their ancestors on a daily basis, but Haitians have no ancestors.

The ancestors of Haitians are Jews, Greeks, Romans under the New World Order of the Judeo-Christianism Doctrine.

Haitians are pleased citing the verses of the Western Bible as called Louis Second than citing the names of Dessalines, Christophe, Petion and Boyer.

We have no partriarchal tombs and no sacred place to worship our ancestors in Haiti.

They died in vain and there is no leadership to make us turn back to our ancestral roots.

Lysius Fellicite Salomon Jeune was overthrown by the U.S. in 1865 (First U.S. Coup D'Etats in Haiti to replace France) because he wanted Haitians to return to their ancestral roots.

What can we do with those morons elites with lack of vision and leadership?

Tell me!Now, France is working behind the scene to replace U.S. in Haiti with the return of the Ancient Regime of Duvalier with Francois Nicolas Duvalier II. Haiti will always be under the leadership of the international community because Haitians are not fit to govern themselves as argued Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1800s.

Haitian elites are not fit to govern the country, but educated Haitians are fit and ready to take over to change Haiti.

Can we foster an elite culture in Haiti?


Can we call our current mercenaries elites and why?

Haitians are doomed to failure so is the owner of this blog. We need to restore this leadership in Haiti to save Haiti.

What can we do with those morons who don't want the army to do its job in Haiti?

Charlemagne Peralte and Dessalines should animate the leaders of the old army to start leading the fight to liberate Haiti.

No army and no peace argues Jean-Pierre and I agree with him 500%.

The old army should start clearing the pathway and lead the country to a social revolution that all of us are awaiting for years.

We suffer too much under this Haitian oligarchy (an oligarch of 7 families who owned 95% of the Haitian wealth) and it is time for the old army to join the national cause to liberate Haiti.

Enough is enough and this mafia oligarchy should be gove forever.

Revolution, that is what we need in Haiti now. Join the fight by supporting the old army and we will be all victorious ok. Long life to Haiti and long life to all supporters of the old army. Please Tiba start calling our groups in Haiti and ask them to join the National Liberation Fight for the second political, cultural and economic independence of Haiti.

Vive La Nation Haitienne!

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Kamoken Scandinavia says...

I will be there Toulimen I will be there Read Stephen Alexis and Antenor Firmin and you will see the problem. The problem you state here seems like the problem of Argentina( the nastiest race in the planet when it comes to racial identity) but at le more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

These kind of bombs you are dropping don't leave its shells on the fields. That shows there is no exhaustion in you. Haiti is running by foreigners of all kinds because we don't have controls of our destination. Who have a vision nowadays in Hait more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

More or less close but different scenarios.We are African descents,"former slaves and masters"rebellious one matter of facts. more »

Samba says...

You are a leader Toulimen. I read your postings and I feel that you can lead Haiti in the days ahead. We will help you ok and my groups will rally behind your leadership, please don't worry at all. We will not die like Richard Brisson as betrayed by more »

Abel Joanem Joasil says...

Haitian elites are criminals and that is why you have to see crimes in HAITI on a daily basis. FEVRY argues that those people can decide to kill you for no reason because on-going investigation never brought criminals to justice in HAITI. more »

William Nelson says...

This does not sound like the Abel Joanem-Joasil I know at all. He attended St. Louis de Gonzague, a top notch school in Haiti hobnobbing with the elite. We went to college together and he would never make such a statement; he's much more astute than more »