Property in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Emmanuel Saintil - April 19 2012, 11:38 AM

Let me begin by saying good luck; I am very proud of all you try very hard to do for Haiti.

My wife has a property at Delmas that somebody had the nerve to build a house on it. She took him to court in Haiti; he was told to stop the construction, but he went ahead and complete it. The court has decided on my wife's favor, he supposed to either vacant the premise or pay for the property; but he did not do one or the other.

My wife would like to know how your government could help her to correct the wrong that was done to her.


Emmanuel Saintil

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Toulimen says...

Tell her to write a letter to the "Protecteur Des Citoyens D'Haiti" in Port-au-Prince and also to send a copy to the Haitian Diaspora's Minister. Both personalities, such as Rosny Desroches and Daniel Supplice, would follow through and the law wi more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

My advise to you if the law don't works in your favor,just take it further as long that property is belong to your wife; Seattle it the old fashion way. Machetes are still cheap in every corner in Haiti. more »

Tiba says...

Emmanuel, I am sorry for the trouble that you and your wife are in. Welcome to Haiti! the lawless country of the world. If you are naturalized or have dark skin then you stand no chance to get this guy out of your property. However, I am not a law more »

Carl Henry says...

Your wife's only recourse is to get a Real Estate lawyer, preferably a well known one to pay for damages and also paying for legal impunity by disobeyed the first order that told him to vacate or pay for the land. more »