Emmanuel, I am sorry for the trouble that you and your wife...

Tiba - April 22 2012, 1:56 PM


I am sorry for the trouble that you and your wife are in. Welcome to Haiti! the lawless country of the world.

If you are naturalized or have dark skin then you stand no chance to get this guy out of your property.

However, I am not a lawyer nor that I am a chimere either, but in this case, I would suggest you take matter into your own 2 hands.

Just like the old saying goes "extreme situations call for extreme measures."

The guy knows very well he had stolen your land and since he doesn't want to pay for it or leave it, why don't you just get a buldozer tare down the house and take back your property?

After all, the court had ruled in your favor, take the court papers with you to the location.

But keep in mind you're dealing with heartless Haitians who believe it is their God giving rights to take from other at will.

If I were you, I would pay some people with machettes and guns to accompany you to the property.

It's a waste of time to call on Martelly for help because it is never going to happen.

You have to take care of it the Haitian way.

Good luck!

This is some of the reasons why these people do not want "dual citizenship."


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