The unintended Haitian Exodus Impact!

Tiba - April 23 2012, 9:45 AM

This is the prime example of the old saying "you damn if you do, you damn if you don't." Many Haitians seem to hate other Haitians for leaving Haiti, but more so for rejecting their Haitian nationality (naturalization).

95% of Haitians left Haiti running from the tyranny of their government seeking safety, opportunity and a better life. What so brave, noble, and patriotic about staying in Haiti to accept death from the Haitian government?

Haitians didn't leave Haiti running from a war because they had refused to fight to defend their country.

The question that ALL Haitians should ask is "what would Happen to Haiti and the people in Haiti without the 2 million plus Haitians (diaspora), who have left Haiti?

Who benefits the most from the sweat of the diaspora?

Haitians left Haiti so that you, who left behind, can live. Despite the effort of the diaspora, the diaspora is still viewed by many Haitians as "treators", and therefore they hate the diaspora's guts.

Those same Haitians, who hate the diaspora's guts, are using every means necessary trying to leave Haiti too. And majority in the diaspora, who hate the naturalized ones, are trying to bring their love ones into US and and many of them refuse their US-born children to speak Creole.

These so-called "real" Haitians alter their appearances by wearing dread locks, breads, and sun glasses even at night because they are too ashamed of being Haitians while many Haitians, who are naturalized are proudly introducing themselves to friends and strangers as "Haitian Americans, Haitian Canadians, etc. etc...

What's the point to be such a great patriot when you cannot do squat for your country nor contribute anything to your country?

We all know Haiti is a "welfare" state and EVERYONE in Haiti depends on the diaspora for their survival, and yet the diaspora is the most hated in Haiti.

Don't these people know the old saying "don't cut off the hand that is feeding you?"

There is a reason for all of this rambling and that is, there will never be a full participation of the diaspora in the resconstruction of Haiti until there is a full and total "INTERGRATION" of the diaspora in the Haitian society.

Even though that I am very engaged in Haiti but I am still very cautious because of the way that I am viewed in Haiti as a diaspora.

Haitians interact more comfortably with "blanc" and foreigners than they do with the Haitian diaspora.

Just imagine what would happen to Haiti and its people if the diaspora would stop sending money to families and friends and stop traveling to Haiti for 3 months.

Dual citizenship and giving the rights to own properties and right to the political process would be a big "win win" for Haiti.

Think about it! that will add more intellectuals to Haiti's report book and would decrease the illeteracy rate in Haiti.

My friend has a Ph.D but unfortunately, he is a US-naturalized.

A dual citizenship would have added him as one more Haitian with a Ph.D on Haiti's report card.

Does anyone get my drift?

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Ti Coq says...

Good points Tiba. I think the ground had shaken in our country Haiti because of those inhuman political policies and in juste constitutional procedures. The pain of the Haitian people had reached the sky. But the poli ticians cannot understand basic more »

Pierre Marie Jean Joseph says...

Amba drapo ki di l'inion fe la foz, Diaspora eskli. L'amee eskli. Bou goi eskli. neg pov eskli, Gan yon problem ak neg sa yo ak tou't konstitisyon depamen yo-a. more »