Very interesting interview. Most of the time, like Stanley...

Tison - April 27 2012, 10:13 PM

Very interesting interview.

Most of the time, like Stanley Lucas says, people being interviewed by the Haitian media are anti-Martelly but rarely are do they interview a pro-Martelly person.

Stanley managed to dodge all the bullets and he had some good arguments.

On the topic of president Martelly and the corruption claims in the Dominican Republic, I agree with him that it is election season in the Dominican Republic and that candidates, usually the sore losers, will say just about anything to get elected.

Sometimes it is good to hear a positive argument instead of the constant negative that has bombarded the Haitian airwaves.

One of the main reasons many Haitian people blame the Haitian media for the political crisis in Haiti is because they award more time to those who are against le gouvernement en place.

On the other hand, I heard Tamara Orion of Radio Signal FM say that very few people in Haiti are willing to talk


Stanley Lucas Interview sur Radio Caraibes Haiti - Dossier President Martelly

J'ai ecoute le debat-interview entre Stanley Lucas et le journaliste Patrick Chery de radio caraibes. C'etait...

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