suggestion for those people where the gold is being dig

Alice - May 21 2012, 12:58 AM

Dear president and prime minister

My suggestion is that you and your cabinet plan to built a house for thost people where the golt is being digging.

I live in the area and those people are the worse of the worse in haiti in term of living.

a house that will not cost no more than $10,000. that is the gift you will give them because of the wealth the sitting on and that will develop haiti.

According to what all the newspaper reported that haiti might benefit $12 billion.

Please keep in might those people.

In the 70's when they were exploring the area the left us with nothing.

Those gold digger was exploring dehivre close to part of my family yard basically part of terrrier rouge.

as well as vallier.and they said they never explore gold before I was a child and remimber.

since we hace more resource than every one in haiti please keep those people in mind. that my request from you

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