With the tourism we can do more than a lot,

Francy Fermilien - May 23 2012, 11:35 AM

Mr president a very good morning, my point is to ask you fast to open touristic ports in this country where people can come invest their money enjoy the caribbean sun.in la gonave or port au prince you will put one port second one in jeremi to receive all those ships coming from miami going to south america porto rico and else.even in port de paix we need one all those things can give you more one million jobs what you will need to do for those people nothig else build the street rod up and down avoid trafic jam nice airport keep the capital a system of decentration, passport id whatever people need they won't come to part au prince this one will make free of too much garbage in the street bidonvilisation will desapear fats than never.

i ve already talked to royal caribbean staff asking them to stop their ship in haiti exctly all those cities facing to east of maimi.

so they are waiting the police tourist in haiti security for everyone where guest is not going to be kiddnappednby anyone.let's keep talking we have more for you. share the idea to your tourism minist the lady maybe she will understand.

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