Let's Work for the Development of the Civil Aviation in Haiti

Winder Dorismond - July 3 2012, 2:13 AM

Port-au-Prince, 27 June 2012

S.E.M Joseph Michel MARTELLY
President of Haiti

Mr. President,
I am sorry to send you a message over the internet because of the importance of the matter.

I should be writing a formal letter to your office.

However, I profit of this occasion to ask your intervention in the case of my dismissal at Office National de l'Aviation Civile (OFNAC) for which I have been working since September 2004.
We were three engineers recruited by OFNAC in 2004 as Aerodromes and Airport Engineers in a competition among eight sent by Faculte des Sciences of UEH. Since then, three of us have received training with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA, in Airport Planning Criteria, Airport Design, Airport Certification Procedures, Airport Lighting, Marking and Navaids to help the institution.

In my side, I was granted a scholarship by Taiwan (from 2007 to 2009) in the purpose of helping not only OFNAC, but also the Government of Haiti.

At Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan, where I studied, the graduate program in Civil Engineering and Management focused on Engineering and Project Management including Airport Engineering and Management.

Instead of compensation, since I came back in the country to help with my knowledge, I have faced a lot of annoyances until my dismissal in February 2012.
The reason of my dismissal: I was asked to make a proposition for an airport engineering department.

Encouraged by the idea of change promoted by your Government, I did do the proposition, in December 2011, of an Airport Engineering Department that would help the institution face the aviation challenges common in the region.

I presented it to the Direction General (DG) and the Direction d'Exploitation Aerienne (DEA) in 3 January 2012. Surprisingly, my two colleagues with whom I was recruited in 2004 by competition, were dismissed on 9 January 2012.Consequently, I made a change in the proposition and removed the names of my colleagues.

With a nice letter to the DG, I sent the new version of the proposition.

And then I asked an appointment in the DG secretariat.

I could not have appointment.

I understood that they did not give neither the letter nor the proposition to the DG. Then, I decided to see the Minister of TPTCE, Ing. Jacques ROUSSEAU, in an appointment.

It was not possible to meet him. Finally I wrote a letter to the Minister of TPTCE to present the problem and the proposition.

The Minister, in his side, sent the document to OFNAC.

I received reprimand letter and dismissal on February 14, 2012.
I had no intention to supplant the DG as he might think.

At the contrary, in a nice letter in January 11, 2012, I showed him my willingness to cooperate and that I was at his disposition.

The letter was too nice and the proposition to good, he was not given them. Aware of that I went to see the MTPTCE.

After the dismissal, I did not give back my employee badge, I did not take the money either.

I took legal steps through La Cour Superieure des Comptes and the Office de la Protection du Citoyen(OPC), which have not given nothing yet. Recently, OPC called me to say that OFNAC sent the case to the Lawyer Office of Maitre Mayard-Paul.

I am aware that, Mr. President, only your Excellency can do something in this situation.

I would like you to intervene to help me serve the country as I want. I would do like my former classmates in Faculte des Sciences who left the country since 2000's. I am a survivor.

I want to participate in the reconstruction of my country.

I count on you to help me.
You do promote the development of the country in the program of your government, the performance in the public institutions.

As civil engineer, specialist in Engineering and Project Management, Project Management Professional (PMP), I was trained for that.
I expect that, Mr. President, these words are not boring for your Excellency and give you a clear understanding of the matter.

Faithfully yours,

Ingénieur d'Aérodromes/ OFNAC
Tel.: 50936981706/34312641
E-mail: winderdorismond [at] gmail.com

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