A Message For President Michel Martelly

Mickaele Mc Guffie - April 8 2011, 3:44 PM

Dear President Martelly,
Just ask Patricia Flores, Baby St Remy, who I am, I am the lady who talked to you in a restaurant in NY, and asked you to sing a song for me and you did, I never forgot, can you forget that evening?

You played the piano and sang, I was proud you did me that courtesy.

yes now they call me a Diaspora, but I am Haitian before I was a Diaspora and I need the safety to come back to Haiti, dress as I will, not in disguize so that the masses do not kidnap me, I need to be able to wear my ring and my chain without the fear of being kidnapped.

Last time I step foot in my country was in the early 80's, all my friends in Haiti would like to see me again.

Please make safety and Health Care a priority.

The Haitian born people are now retired and may have health problems, we are no longer beautiful teenagers, we are beautiful "Baby Boomers" born under the regime of Your excelence Paul Eugene Magloire, the first black Haitian President to com in the USA and meet the president Eizenhour, the first one to go to the United nations and also meet the Queen of England.

I was born in Gonaives it was beautiful, under Duvalier, they took a bribe and allow the Americans to dump their nuclear waste on Gonaive's shores, now the nuclear contamination still exist in the town, the poor children play and pick on it I am told, not knowing about the danger of the nuclear waste, my town is gone Michel.

Please HELP

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