Haitian Oligarchy Is Against Zoomorphism Politics of The Advanced World:

Toulimen Legrand - July 22 2012, 7:07 PM

You and I are criticizing this oligarchy every day, but we never step back to find out where they have reason within this mafia world.

They are against the metamorphose meaning the transformation of human beings into animals as the advanced world is doing it with a sacrificed population to create jobs for the majority.

To be considered an advanced country, one must sacrify at least 20% of his or her population for the greater needs of the majority.

By doing so, one will replace the culture of values by the culture of the price and this policy will make humans the greatest consumers and guinea pigs ever. That's what globalization is and it is the same for free market enterprise in this capitalistic world.

We don't have a lot of created jobs because our elites refuse to sacrify a segment of their population for the greater needs of a majority.

How does one sacrify a population to create jobs?

The bio-scientists as the greatest ever discriminators of the world can answer this question.

In the hospitals, they will inject all types of diseases genes to your newborns and they can change their chromosomes to transform their genders in order to get their population under control.

Bio-scientists are bocors and they are the ones who keep creating all those viruses that create so many jobs within the medical field.

Think about Haiti, if the government has to work with those bocors or Haitian bioscientists and think about how many jobs Haiti can create within its own medical field.

I was nervous to hear Dr. Max Beauvoir who was asking the government of Haiti to work with them in this particular area. The reason I was nervous is because Dr. Beauvoir does not realize how much power he has within his hands to make the government abide by his demands.

It is time for Haiti to create this scientific community with our own bioscientists or Haitian bocors.

We will not transform people's chromosomes to change their genders, but we can create other medical jobs by making cures and not relief pills available to cope with those diseases.

The Haitian scientific community with bocors and medical doctors will be a true scientific community and Haitians will be proud of them. We will not use pets to transmit diseases and we will not randomly inject diseases to others in a discriminatory way, but we will do in a humanistic way to create jobs. We are sure that cures will be available to all. The advanced world got the Flesh Eating Disorder disease from our bocors in Haiti and they made it more virulent to kill instantly.

Now, they will release the cure for aid patients, but later Ebola and FLED will kill more. Why should Haitian bio-scientists or bocors be considered evils where those advanced world bioscientists are considered as job creators and blessed people for their societies?

We can criticize our oligarchy for not providing enough economic opportunities to all Haitians to reduce crimes and violence rates in Haiti, but the desire to kill or eradicate them for that is evil. Why should we kill this oligarchy as being trapped within two worlds where dialog is possible?

We can dialog and we can develop Haiti for all. I want the oligarchy to show more respect for human beings in Haiti and consider Haiti as their country and not a colony for France who would never allow them to be French citizens although they still consider themselves as lost French citizens in Haiti.

They should be grateful to Haiti for making them citizens of the world and they should along with us develop Haiti for us and for themselves as well. I am with them on the issue of the Zoomorphism of Haitians.

We will not allow that to happen in Haiti although those NGO agents and the imperialistic embassies are thriving to make that happen.

We say no to homosexuality practices by the world bioscientists and their literature on this issue to make all countries abide by the new world order.

We will not dehumanize anyone in Haiti and the victims of chromosomes' alterations will be providing cures soon. We stand by all Haitian Homosexual victims of this mafia world and we will liberate them soon like Iran is doing it now. We must pass a law on those world NGO agents in Haiti so we can get them under control because they are the ones aimed at dehumanizing people.

They are charognards of humanity as Industrialist Pierre Leger calls them. We must get our sanity and decency back and together with our beloved oligarchy, we must save Haiti for all of us ok.

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