Haitian Government's Corruption at Its Best!

Tiba - August 18 2012, 3:30 PM

"Fighting corruption" is a phrase the Haitian government uses everytime they need to get fast cash from Washington.

In my opinion, corruption is one thing the Haitian government does not really care to stop because they don't see it to be a problem.

Corruption is the Haitian government's way of life. Why would they get rid of it?

If the government does really care about eliminating corruption in Haiti, the government must start that fight within itself first as this is the # 1 corrumpted institution in the country not to say in the world.

Perhaps the government should start by making an example out of this story, which is a nightmare to 7 families in Cap-Haitian.

It's been almost 2 weeks now since a group of young guys from Cap-Haitian went to the beach in the town of Limonade.

According to witnesses accounts, the guys were swimming in different parts.

Sadly enough, the unfortunate happened and one of the guys drowned.

The town police chief said this a perfect occasion to make some money.

He arrested 6 of the guys and kept them in jail for 3 days. In the meantime, the mother of the dead guy asked that the police chief to release all 6 guys but demanded that each of the guys contributes $3000 for the funeral.

The police chief vowed to send all 6 guys to Cap-Haitian to be trialed.

Upon their arrival to the "commissariat/Parquet" the judge (le commissaire du government) asked that each of the guys pays $30,000 for the funeral.

These 6 young guys have been in prison in Cap-Haitian for 1 week now and still nobody knows their fate yet. Le commissaire du gouvernement keep telling the families to come the next day at 8 am to see their children/love ones but they can never see them.

Rumor has it that there was blood coming out of the dead guy's nose at the morgue (has anyone ever heard of such thing before?) and the autopsy claimed that the guy was not drowned but he was poisoned and died of stomach pain.

The police in Cap-Haitian was questioning one of the guys and the same one for 2 hours periodically throughout the day. He was bogering him so bad that he passed out on the floor and nothing was done to help him. These young men did not commit any crime and they did not break no laws but le commissaire du government in Cap-Haitian keeps these guys in jail only so he can get as much money as he can from the parents/families of these young men because he knows some of these guys do have relatives in dispora.

If the Martelly/Lamothe's government are really serious about eliminating corruption this is a perfect moment to start a thourough investigation right now and fire/punish even convect all parties involved in this graceful/shameful abuse of power and greed.

I am calling on the Martelly/Lamothe's government to stand for justice for your people as it is your responsibility to protect and serve your people.

The Haitian people cannot keep being terrorised, taking advantage of, abused, and dihumanized by your members of your government like that.

Can you say enough is enough and send a strong message to everyone else by making an example out of the chief of police of Limonade and the commissaire du government in Cap-Haitian and all others involved?

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Toulimen The Great says...

I am calling upon the Haitian government to thoroughly investigate this incident. Mews promised to help so let's wait to see how the outcome will be played out. more »

Tiba says...

Uncle Toulimen shouldn't this problem be handled by the Minister of Justice? Do you really think the government cares that much about justice and ending corruption within itself? I doubt it! Anyway, I do have a little update though. The commissair more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I was told that they are investigating the case and no other information could be released to me to avoid further complications aiming at blocking the procedures. I don't really have real data at hands to judge the government on this case because Ti more »

Tiba says...

Toulimen, Toulimen, Toulimen! You are talking as if you're referring to a country where law and order is the rule like the United States. Since when there used to be argument made "arguring a case" in Haiti? Don't we all know money is what "ar more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Tiba, I called and wrote a letter to the Attorney General of the Northern Region (Commissaire Du Gouvernement Du Nord), but I was told that they would investigate all facts about that drowning to prevent that from happening again. Corruption was a tr more »