Hello Mr. President

Bendou Valerie - August 21 2012, 2:39 PM

My name is Bendou Valerie I am a young adult here in the US working hard on getting the Haitian teenagers together and let other people know about this beautiful country which is Haiti.

Let me take my time to congratulate you for this tremendous work you've doing in the country.

I am glad that you're working hard and you're determined I can say you brought a lot of changes, some people might not understand it but keep your head high follow your gut feeling and do not let negativity get to you. I am impress.

I can say that you don't have to be a politician to take over being a politician is just having the title but knowing what other people are going through and relate to them and fix the problem and create ways to make their life better is what I call a leader someone who knows how to improve and you're a brilliant leader SEM Michel Joseph Martelly Chapo ba pou ou jeune yo ap supportew jusko bout kenbe la pa lage jamais..and I am looking foward to work with you :)

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