Uncle Toulimen shouldn't this problem be handled by the...

Tiba - August 22 2012, 8:04 AM

Uncle Toulimen shouldn't this problem be handled by the Minister of Justice?

Do you really think the government cares that much about justice and ending corruption within itself?

I doubt it!

Anyway, I do have a little update though.

The commissaire du government, Mr. Jules, said to the families that he will release the guys but will keep one in prison after the funeral is done. The funeral was yesterday August 21.

This sounds so much like Joseph's story in the bible when the king had to keep one of the brothers in released the other 11 brothers to make sure that they come back.

In this case, I think the commissaire du government, Jules, wants to make sure that he gets the $30,000 he asked from each of the guys.

Now here's the caker, the families of the guys in prison paid each $3,000 for the funeral as the mother of the deceased had asked, and therefore the guys in prison got punished twice for the same crime.

They are imprisoned and they also paid big time retribution in cash money.

It is also understood that the commissaire du gouvernement, Mr. Jules, is the brother-in-law of the deceased mother, and the judge in town of Limonade who sent the guys to Cap-Haitian, is related to the Mr. Jules, the commissaire du gouvernement.

According to the families, they have no faith their kids/love ones will be released from jail today, now the funeral is over. They believe that these kids will be in prison for a longtime to come for a crime that they never committed and no laws thay have broken.

The judge and the police chief in town of Limonade and the commisaire du gouvernement, Mr. Jules, only want to make money and a lot of money as they asked to get paid $30,000 from each of the 6 guys. That is a total of $180,000 that will be shared between the 3 of them.

This is the kind of country and system of justice that Martelly is offering to the diaspora if they want to come to Haiti to rebuilt the country for them for free.

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