I was told that they are investigating the case and no other...

Toulimen Legrand - August 23 2012, 10:18 AM

I was told that they are investigating the case and no other information could be released to me to avoid further complications aiming at blocking the procedures.

I don't really have real data at hands to judge the government on this case because Tiba: Ayisyen di tout bagay.

I need credible data before I start arguing on this case. Remember what the great philosopher named Aristotle told us fourth century before the Christ Era, logical argumentation alone cannot help one to win an argument just to paraphrase him. In order to win an argument, one must come up with ethos, pathos and logos.You have done one part of it by pleading in favor of the prisoners affected on that case by bringing in some emotional appeals(Pathos:Emotion) to blame the judicial system of Haiti.But what about the other two parts of your argument?

Ethically speaking, you did not quote any judicial ruling decisions on this case besides the hearsays of some parents affected on that case. Would you please inform me about the ruling of that case due to the fact they are still investigating the case?

What are the logical argumentations laid down by the defense lawyer and the prosecutor on that case?

I cannot start blaming the judicial system based on the hearsays of some family members affected by this case. Tiba, I reserve my legal rights for now to let this investigation follow its course.

I will say something later after I get all the necessary data on this case. Kenbe la frem e respe pou ou!

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