Stopping Corruption in Haiti

Antony Baptiste - August 25 2012, 3:17 PM

So far you are doing great and I am proud of your being open to the public.

I wish you can tackle the following issues:
A) Why are our Haitian merchants travelling to the DR, to be mistreated, just to purchase items such as (cod fish, harengs...) that are not even produced in DR?

Haitians customers are paying too much for these items.

The Ministry of Commerce should look into this type of problem.

B) Each agency PNH, Immigrations, ULCC, Customs, Immigration, Education should have a hot line number to denounce Policemen stopping drivers for refreshment money, Custom agents asking for money to perform a timely inspection, forbidding certain trucks to access customs for lack of insurance when others w/o are allowed without insurance, payment to have children admitted to public schools.

C) The price of gas/diesel should include the payment for the upkeep of the National Highways there is no need for toll booths.

D) The absence of the National Postal services to send mail to Haiti is forcing the Diaspora to pay 8% more to help their relatives in Haiti for money transfers and the school program is taxing them further.

Why not reinstate the postal service and use a percentage to cash checks to assist the schools.

E)Electricity must be subventioned by the government unless stealing electricity becomes punishable by law. Electricity is a business not an election tool or public welfare.

Keep up the good work Mr. President!

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