Toulimen, Toulimen, Toulimen! You are talking as if you're...

Tiba - August 28 2012, 12:57 PM

Toulimen, Toulimen, Toulimen!

You are talking as if you're referring to a country where law and order is the rule like the United States.

Since when there used to be argument made "arguring a case" in Haiti?

Don't we all know money is what "arguring a case" is about.

Money is the only form of justice there is in Haiti.

Money will release someone from prison and the lack of it will cause someone to rot in prison too. There are no laws in Haiti and there is no conscience in Haiti either.

If the government was really serious about getting rid of corruption within itself and in the country, they would at least try to find out if there is merit to investigate this case.

I already gave you a point of reference.

Why don't they go to the town of Limonade and ask people questions about the drowning that happened in their town almost 3 weeks ago and take it from there?

From there, they can go and meet with the mother of the young boy who drowned?

The funeral took place last Wednesday August 22 in Cap-Haitian.

Why don't they go to Cap-Haitian and questioning the "Commisaire du Governement" Mr. Jules and ask to see/meet with the young men in prison?

I gave you places/locations, point of reference, and names.

Toulimen people cannot make things up all the time especially something like this. But we all know that is exactly the government's game that is being played with the population and the international community.

The government is very good using the "hearsay" as their argument to never get rid of corruption in that country because corruption is the Haitian government's trade mark. Why should they care?

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