Toulimen I found the article from and tought that...

Tiba - August 28 2012, 1:27 PM

Toulimen I found the article from and tought that I would post it on here so everyone could read it. I did not write it.

We've talked about "Malproprete" in Haiti numerous times before.

This is not a new phenomenon.

But the question everyone should ask is, whose job/reponsibility/duty/obligation it is to clean the streets in Haiti?

And the response is clear, it is the government's and not the elite or the population.

For example, all of you who think and believe that it is the population and the elite to clean the streets, can you tell me about one time you watched your best friend or your parents, or your neigbours, or the Coch Brothers with brooms and gabage bags cleaning up the streets of the cities where they are living?

I nor anyone in the city where I live in New York never have to clean up the streets because it is the job of City Hall, the Mayor.

However, as a civilian, I have the obligation to keep the streets clean and that is why there are laws to punish those who tow their trash on the streets.

The government/City Hall provides garbage cans and dumpsters to residents and community to put their trash in. If my garbage can get lost and destroyed, City Hall gives me another one and I never have to buy one out of my porket.

Haiti's streets stayed dirty and smelly for so long because there is a society, who doesn't know whose job it is to do it, and therefore the government is relying on the population to do it while the population is waiting for the government to do it.

The population is right because it is not their job to clean up the streets.

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