Toulimen Legrand, The cries and the shouting of the...

Tiba - September 2 2012, 4:31 PM

Toulimen Legrand,

The cries and the shouting of the conservative republicans for a smaller government is dragging the United States down to its knees.

Look around you, use you brain, common sense, and your intellectual power, and pay a close attention on the politics of smaller government is doing to this country.

Haiti is not the United States, and therefore cannot copy US-politics.

Haiti is the porest in the western hemisphere and in the world, and therefore the government should be the one to create jobs and invest in the country.

If you want to get Haiti out of this stinker, the government must come upo with a Massif Spending Program to give a big boost to the Haiti's economy.

Toulimen can't you see there is no foreign investors in Haiti?

There are no factories, no big companies, no big corporations.

However, I agree with you that Haiti should and must be able to print its own money in order to have full and complete access to cash to invest in its people and in the country's economy.

What you're preaching and calling for is "republican neocon vodoo economic" it doesn't work. Those conservative mad dogs in Europe called for the same thing "smaller government", better known as "Austerity" has brought the entire Europe's economy to a ditch.

The proof/evidence is there.

The call for smaller government/austerity is nothing but wishful thinking.

It doesn't work.

Toulimen, my friend, I am a big time liberal, who believe in putting people to work and creating opportunities for ALL. Not only that I am a big time leberal but I am also a Trained Professional Social Worker with a master's degree.

I have first hand experienced of the negative impact of smaller government has on the population that I work with, the poor, low income, the mentally ill, etc...

many of the middle class who lost everything due to government cuts in the name of "smaller government" come to me to help them cope with their misfortunes and help them rebuilt their lives.

The United States might be able to handle smaller government theory but definitely NOT Haiti.

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