There is no shame in posting the bad sides of Haiti. This is a...

Yvrance Unelus - September 2 2012, 5:13 PM

There is no shame in posting the bad sides of Haiti.

This is a New Era of truth telling.

The haitian television, CNN and NBC should should show Haiti and its problems to the world, so the world can help solve these problems.

Right now, the haitian people are homeless since the earthquake, they are illiterate because they cannot afford to go to school, they are unemployed because they do not create jobs for the people.

How will they find help if they hide all these problems?

CNN and NBC should show the bad sides of Haiti so the Haitians working overseas find a solution to these problems.

Do not forget Haiti, the haitian people under the tents need help, they have no homes, no jobs. They are helpless and hopeless

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