Tiba, I am sorry for not respondng to you as I used to. I am...

Toulimen Legrand - September 12 2012, 10:33 AM

Tiba, I am sorry for not respondng to you as I used to. I am busy with research studies and that is why you have not from me lately.

Martelly needs to understand that the elites' children should stay out of the government if he wants a strong private sector.

An administrative CEO such chief of staff, chief of services, chief accountants and personnel chiefs earn more than a minister and they have more power over their fellow employees than the minister does. This drains a lot public finances and there can be money left over for economic and public development services.

We must get rid of them by downsizing the current government.

Zombie employees are another history and they are the ones who are getting paid in lieu and place of those zombies.

Na pral pase yon vites siperye si Martelly pa vle redwi gouvenman li an. Rete wa we sa ka pral pase tande.

Fok Ayiti jwen chanjman ke nap preche a. Kenbe la fem

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Toulimen Legrand, I agree with you 100% on this issue...


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