The Mix Elites of Haiti Put Haiti into Chaos Over Half A Century

Toulimen Legrand - September 14 2012, 11:12 AM

Seventy five percent of the Haitian Elites are biracial African-American descents whom their ancestors entered Haiti in 1862 after the decrease in number of the French mulattos.

American elites had given them money and dissiminated them throughout Haiti to conquer our land on their behalf.

In the Artibonite region, one could have Barthole for Bartholini, Pellissier, Pelletier, St-Remy, Zureck, Thiel, Meclambourg for Meckclemberg, Sae, Madsen, Dufort for Duffour, and many more to name a few. They bought a lot of lands from the percent on behalf on the U.S. government and meaning that the United States own 75% of our territory because of the presence of the African American settlers established in Haiti.

Syria, French and Itally own the other 25%.

Now can Haiti do in this chaos?

Should we allow the U.S. government to rule Haiti or French, Syria and Itally?

Is Haiti an Independent country?

Why Haiti cannot print its own money like any other independent countries around the globe?

Nou mele. Di sa nou vle la tande nan yon respe yon pou lot

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