Ticoq, I agree with you! It's like the money says "Money...

Tiba - September 16 2012, 5:44 PM


I agree with you! It's like the money says "Money Talks." The international has the power and authority to dictate what goes in Haiti because they have the "Power of the Purse."

The Haitian Diaspora is a $1.5 billion yearly industry in Haiti.

The diaspora is fully responsible for Haitian survival in Haiti.

We should all agree that Haiti is a welfare state, which puts ALL Haitian in Haiti on welfare.

The Haitian Diaspora has the power of the purse to make important change in Haiti, unfortunately, the Haitian Diaspora does not have the "spine/the back bone" to use their power of the purse to force changes in Haiti.

I have advocated for a Money Transfer boycott for a longtime now. The Haitian diaspora should give an ultimatum to the Haitian government.

Let's give the government 6 months to make important changes in Haiti or face a finacial sanction where there will be no money transfers to Haiti for 3-5 months.

Would the Haitian diaspora have the back bones to orchestrate this boycott?

Nope! Haitians talk a lot but do not stand for anything.

The government and those Haitians in Haiti take the Haitian diaspora for suckers, dumb, and stupid.

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