The Haitian Hallucination Syndrome!

Tiba - October 21 2012, 9:06 AM

A lot of Haitians are up everybody's face talking and saying things only "THEM" know about.

It is in Haitian nature to talk and say things without specification/details.

Haitians are good to talk and say things without providing sources of their information because Haitians have no concept of "FACT." They believe if they keep saying the same gabage long enough it will be true, and therefore become their reality.

Why Haitians are like that?

You may ask!
IT is because MAJORITY of the LESS INFORMED Haitians are struggling with Hallucination Syndrom.

They hear loud voices in their heads telling them things.

And they see things that are not there as well. If anyone pays close attention to the posts on this blog, they would notice how gibberish (jagon) they are. It is very painful and frustrating to understand majority of these posts.

They make no sense whatsoever.

This is a big sign of hallucination.

Delusion of Grandiosity is another big syndrome within the Haitian community.

NOT ALL, but many Haitians are pretending to be what they are NOT. For example, those Haitians in question believe they are the most educated, they are the smartest on the planet, THEY KNOW IT ALL, they are superior, they speak better French than anyone else, and the list goes on and on...NARCISSISM is extremely big within the Haitian community as well.

The only problem with that is their country, Haiti, does NOT reflect all that knowledge/smart and superiority they are bragging about.

Frankly, I don't think Haiti can and will ever be able to change and move forward with this kind of attitude and set of mind

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