Will Haiti ever become a developped country?

Tiba - October 21 2012, 11:33 AM

Personally, I don't think so.

I did not vote for him because the diaspora has no "Right" to vote in Haiti, but I supported him for president.

Joseph Martelly has been in power for almost 2 years now. What has been his significan accomplishments so far?

Not much, or Nothing! I know lots of people still like him myself included.

Do we still like him because we're still embedded in his entertainment abilities or we're are in state of our own illusion?

He had promised a lot of changes during his campaign and he has even criticized the incompetence and mediocrity of the previous government and promised to change all that, didn't he?

for almost 2 years now, all Martelly has been doing since he took office is going around the country giving big long speeches under a hellish sun of 100 to 115 degrees and going around the world begging for money.

And today, Haiti is still a welfare state and a failed state.

As I have been saying for a longtime now, Haiti's problem lie on three principles: Incompetence, Mediocrity, and Absence of Leadership.

Since the beginning of time, Haitian policians believe that governance is about giving long speeches in French to the largest crowd applauding under that hellish sun. Since the beginning of time, the government has no sense of responsibility to its people because the diaspora is taking care of them.

For the past 3 weeks now, the people have been protesting on the steets around the country telling Martelly that it is time to take care and provide opportunities to them. Those are the same people, who voted for him. They protesting high cost of living and poverty in Haiti.

IN a sense they are telling Martelly enough is enough on the diaspora and they want him to take responsibility too.

But the question everyone should pose is, does really take a genius to bring change in Haiti?

How much education a government needs to realize the streets of P-A-P need to get cleaned up?

About electricity, etc..?

Can anyone please tell us and to the world of any big project on the way in Haiti by the government?

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