A Message For President Michel Martelly

Nimrod Coq - April 9 2011, 1:39 PM

Dear President Martelly
Dear mr President as you know the country has been in bad shape for years and years, as Haitian i feel myself ashame specially when i land at the airport in Port-Au-Prince i'm asking me what the hell where i'm going to, its look like coming from a house going to a farm. Since we know "home is Home"lakay se lakay i have no problem to go home.
Mr president as you and i know in Haiti government comes Government goes nothing serious never really done .President Micky you've been travel in many others countries, you see how they live, they have everything they need, i don't say you can do those things in a few days or months, its going to take time, but put them in your mind.What i need you to do first is "Security, kill without tolerance all the KIDNAPPERS, there's no Maximum Security Prison in Haiti if they put them in jail they going to escape as they used nto do, fired the corrupt judges.Put a new Justice system in place and call out all the Former tate Employers, they have to give explanation for their past.
Mr le President je suis Haitien en chair et en os, je sais que vous allez mettre le pays dans l'ordre et discipline, sur ses railles, je ne veux avoir aucune crainte de peur que personne ne me kidnap, je veux etre fier de Toi Mr Micky et aussi de mon pays.
Et la seule chose avant de terminer je veux dire"SAK PA KONTAN ANBAKE' merci je compte sur vous..

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