As usual, the vagueness, and a lot of high french literature...

Tiba - December 16 2012, 10:32 AM

As usual, the vagueness, and a lot of high french literature (etalaj de konesans) with no substance.

The Haitian government is never going to get it. Business is not done in "ABSTRACT." Next time the Haitian government comes before the Haitian Diaspora begging for their business, they better make sure they provide them with a list of "Basic Bunisess Friendly Infrustractures" they have accomplished.

As I have stated numerous times before, business is not done without electricity 24/7 in this 21st century anymore.

Business is not done without roads, telecomunication, etc. etc...

and people do not come to invest in a country that does not provide them at least with basic safety like health care and drinking water.

If they get sick they will all die by the time they get to Florida for care.

It is common sense! until the government can honestly come to the potential investors and tell them with total confidence "don't be afraid to come to Haiti to run your business because there is permanent electricity 24/7, there are roads to transport your goods, there is a sound health care system to provide you with the care you and your families would need, there is drinking water, and there is a sound telecomunication system that will provide you total access to market your products to the rest of the world, etc. etc.." the government can beg all it wants to but nobody will budge.

Investors need to know also there are plenty of hotels/motels/lodgings waiting for them and their families at reasonable cost for. But most importantly, they need to know that they will be safe to walk freely and go anywhere they would like to.

Without these basic fundamental infrustractures foreing investors and the Haitian Diaspora alike will not budge one inch.

We all know very well that the Haitian government always expects everything free because they are too poor to accomplish anything on their own, but this is the nature of business and it doesn't take a genuise to figure this out.

Even the cave man understands it very well!

It's business, nothing personal!


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