Haiti will never move foward as long as Haitians still remain...

Tiba - December 16 2012, 11:44 AM

Haiti will never move foward as long as Haitians still remain against their own. It is true that Haitians do not build/create anything but the very little bit there is in Haiti, Haitian do NOT appreciate it.

Here's what I mean. Why do Haitians prefer to buy/get everything they want/need from Florida when that same very thing they want/need is right there in Haiti?

For example, Haiti is loaded with generators and well all know that, but the Haitian prefers to get the generator from Miami instead of buying it in Haiti.

Between the purchase price, the cost of shipping, and cost to take it out of haitian custom, it costs 2 to 3 times the cost to buy it in Haiti.

These brilliant smart Haitians claim the generator from Miami is better and less expensive.

The irony is it is the same very generator built by the same company they would buy in Haiti.

From a used pair of sneakers to a bag of rice, Haitians prefer to buy it from the US claiming it is better.

In reality, Haitians feel better to help foreign market than their local market because that boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel superior and that gives them a reason to brag to the world about that used pair of sneakers.

How can you grow your own economy when you refuse to participate and contribute to it?

The Haitian inferiority complex is another reason for Haiti's declined economy.


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