Who is sweet micky

Bijou - June 2 2013, 4:34 PM

Whatever his name might be: sweet micky, michael martially, michel martelly; the only thing that is true about this guy that the international community and specifically the United States has placed as the head of my country, is that he is part of the conspiracy that has plunged the country in complete economic recession over the past twenty five years.

1) in the early nineteen ninety, he supported and participated in a coup against the country.

2) in 2004, he allied with the US, France, Canada to evict a democratically elected president.

3) he has openly cursed at the country in numerous occasions.

4) he rejected his haitian citizenship.

5) he can barely write his name(s).

Therefore, he doesn't have no training whatsoever to assume the functions of the head of a nation.

The nations that he allied with to annihilate the haitian people are the ones that have constrained Haiti economically since 1804. In 1804, after Haiti EARNED his freedom from the french, they ambushed and killed the nation's leader.

In 1825, these same nations conspired to extort an astronomical sum of money from Haiti's finance.

In 2004, when a constitutional government - NOT ONE IMPOSED BY THE US - stood up to claim the money from the french, sweet micky allied with the US, France, and Canada to execute a coup against the country.

As a reward for all sweet micky has done for the US, in 2011, the US single-handedly decided to place him as the head of the nation.

To learn by yourself who is really sweet micky, please refer to the following links:


sweet micky and all other accomplices shoudl be judged and punished for all the pain and sufferings they have caused to my dear Haiti.

The US should compel the french to pay back the money they extorted from us starting in 1825.

Unless they kill us all, the nations that have hurt us like the US, France, Canada will be paying for all the damages they have caused to us. We defeated one of the most powerful army in the world.

If nothing is done to correct these irregularities, history will repeat itself.

We have no fear, we will keep fighting until justice is served.

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Elipha Joseph says...

please don't be hatting on the president...he's the only president that any body can trust so far...he's honest and caring for his people and i guess that's all that really matters right now...thank you more »

Bijou says...

Hello Elipha, I have enumerated clear and well-known historical facts to support my arguments. Please take the time to compile facts that can counter my chronological, logical, and deep-thinking statement. We do have the right to our opinion, let' more »

Jean says...

i heard u my brother and in some point u r right but lets put it like this logicallt ur niece are right but did u tell them about those ex president that in the power those once we call interlectual or politician those one we supose to follow cuz the more »