Hello Elipha, I have enumerated clear and well-known...

Bijou - June 9 2013, 7:05 PM

Hello Elipha,

I have enumerated clear and well-known historical facts to support my arguments.

Please take the time to compile facts that can counter my chronological, logical, and deep-thinking statement.

We do have the right to our opinion, let's make sure that our opinion is factual instead of fanatical or nepotism-related.

If you can't support your statements, you would yourself a favor to keep them for yourself.

Let's put the future welfare of our country first - assuming it is also yours - clearly it is not the country of your president.

Just think about it for one minute.

Let say you want to convince your children to go to school and work hard in life. Even better, let's assume you don't have no children; however you are in a position to teach the children of Haiti the value of education and hard-working.

Referring to your president as a model, what would you expect them to tell you other than: "what is point the point of studying, working hard, trying to be a model citizen; when in fact, the one that spends his life looking down at these precious social values, is your president".

Shame on you Elipha!
Just to let you know. Last summer, a few of my nephews and nieces came to visit me. They were born in France from respectful, value-driven Haitian parents.

Talking about your president, who has spent his life cursing at the country that he is put to lead, they think of Haitians as being way below the level of human dignity.

My response to counter their logical thinking, was nothing.

Because, logically and honestly, I couldn't advance some facts that could prove otherwise.

Unless I had enough power to get rid of your president and establish the pride and the honor that Toussaint Louverture and specifically Jean Jacques Dessalines had shown to the world when thinking about my dear Haiti.

To close, your president has dealing illegal drugs his entire life. Moreover, he has infringed copyrighted materials from dozen of musicians both locally and internationally.

Finally, he has supported and financed multiple coups against my dear Haiti.

The enemies of my country are my enemies.

Your president is considered to be my open enemy, because he is in the list of the people that have caused harms to my country.

If you can be easily fooled, not all the sons of Haiti can be - assuming you are one of Haiti's progeny.


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