Celebration of St.Francois de Salles in the Nippes

Jospeh Unelus - January 5 2014, 2:31 PM

In January 29, they are celebrating the Feast of St. Francois de Salles at Bacconois in the Nippes.

Bacconois is located between Anse a Veaux and Petit Trou de Nippes.

Come in full to celebrate St. Francois de Salles in the Nippes.

The pilgrims of St. Francois are giving testimony about St. Francois.

They say their dream came true after a pilgrimage at St. Francois de Salles, Bacconois in the Nippes.

St. Francois chapel needs hotel for pilgrims to come to pray more often.

It is a good occasions for agronomists to hold a conference with the peasants about the development of agriculture and commerce in the Nippes.

It is a good moment for doctors, pharmacists, dentists to hold a conference in the Nippes to urge the people of the Nippes to see a doctor every six month in the Nippes.

It is also a good occasion for mechanics to hold conference with the young people of the Nippes to encourage them to learn mechanic and learn to drive so they can put more vans on the roads to transport the merchants to towns, students to school, ambulances to transport patients to hospitals and outpatient clinics and to promote social mobilization in the Nippes.

The Nippes needs waterfront motels, assisted living residences for the retired Haitians living in USA and Canada to come to vacation and spend the winter in the Nippes.

Create jobs, develop tourism in the Nippes.

Do not forget to come to St. Francois de Salles, Bacconois, Nippes, this January 29, 2014. Welcome to Bacconois, Welcome to the Nippes anytime.

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