Congratulations, Haiti needs 2 commercial banks in the North...

Jayca Solman - April 13 2014, 4:17 PM

Congratulations, Haiti needs 2 commercial banks in the North, 2 in the South for working families to borrow money for small business to create jobs like Laundromats, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, supermarkets, motels, business schools, carvel ice cream store, bakery store, shoe stores, computer store, home appliance store, clothing stores, cosmetic supplies stores, etc.,affordable housing, real estate, property loan, tuition loan, car loans, etc. Create jobs and get out of unemployment.

Welcome to Haiti any time. Haiti needs airports and banks and insurance companies in the provinces
to decongestion Port au Prince.

Response to:

Yo gwo kout chapo pou bel travay gouveman ap fe nan...

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Video: proje yon bank pou prete jeune haitien lajan pou fe biznis

Gade video sa... President Michel Martelly ki ap bay information sou yon proje Bank

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