Come to create jobs in Haiti. Open a computer school in Haiti...

Jayca Solman - May 28 2014, 9:34 AM

Come to create jobs in Haiti.

Open a computer school in Haiti.

Build new homes for sales in Haiti in all departments.

Modernize Haiti with Laundromats in all departments.

Haiti needs car dealers, driving schools in all departments.

Come to promote social mobilization in Haiti, put buses on the roads in all departments as they do in USA, Canada, etc. Come to build malls in Haiti to stop flea markets along the roads.

Every home needs a television in Haiti, come to open TV stores in all departments, people do not have to go to Port au Prince to buy Televisions, radios, cell phones, learn to drive, to have driver licenses.

Open cosmetic supplies stores in all departments.

Open Payless shoes stores in all departments.

Build a hotel in every town in Haiti to attract tourism in Haiti.

Be an entrepreneur, a businessman.

Haiti need jobs, come to get Haiti out of unemployment.

Entrepreneurs, businessmen, builders, contractors, bankers, architects, get together to rebuild Haiti.

The real estate business can bring great profit to Haiti.


How can I serve my country?

Mr. Michel Martelly, President First and for most I congratulate you on your efforts to move the country forward...

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