This is no lie. This is a great possibility. Haitian working...

Joseph Unelus - July 8 2014, 11:30 AM

This is no lie. This is a great possibility.

Haitian working overseas in the USA, Canada, etc. should have the opportunity to come to invest in Haiti.

Haiti needs a bank commercial in the North, one bank commercial in the South for the Haitian in the Diaspora to invest in real estate, housing development, business schools, car dealers, supermarkets, garage, clothing stores, etc. Young entrepreneurs should get involved in small business to create jobs and reduce unemployment.

Haiti needs one airport in the North, one airport in the South to decentralize Port au Prince.

Real estate investors should build houses in all departments to sell the Haitians in the Diaspora on a mortgage plan.
Build in the provinces, decongestion Port au Prince, develop housing in all departments.

There are some clean beaches, fresh air in the suburbs and life is easier in the provinces.

Why should everybody settle in Port au Prince.

We just need an airport and some professional schools in the provinces.

We will bring everything in Port au Prince in every department to decongestion Port au Prince.

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