Haiti needs hotels in every department for tourists to come to...

Jayca Solman - July 22 2014, 8:47 AM

Haiti needs hotels in every department for tourists to come to Carnaval during the summer and hiver.

Keep Haiti clean and beautiful.

Haiti needs sanitation to attract tourists.

Tourism can bring great profit to Haiti.

Haiti needs one airport in the North, one in the South for tourists to go to the cleanest beaches in the South of Haiti, have a nice vacation, dancing under the mango trees, surfing, swimming, horse back riding, etc. Haiti needs to develop real estate in all departments for tourists to come to home shopping during the carnivals.

Haiti should build affordable housing in all departments and make it possible for tourists to buy a three bedrooms house with a down payment of $10,000 on a mortgage plan. Let the tourists come for carnival and home shopping.

Develop commerce and real estate as they do in Florida.

Welcome to Haiti anytime.

Haiti is for lovers.

Haiti needs assisted living residences, nursing homes in all departments for tourists and retired people to come to relax, to spend the winter under the sun, and for the Haitians working overseas to retire under the sun. Create jobs, build a medical school, Pharmacy, Dentistry in the North, one in the South.

Haiti needs three nursing schools in the North, 3 in the South, 3 in the West, 3 in the East for the Haitian people to get involved in healthcare.

Students will come from all over the world to study Medicine, nursing in Haiti.

Create jobs. Welcome to Haiti anytime.


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