Saint Anne, Patron of Anse a Veaux in the Nippes.

By: Joseph Unelus - July 23 2014, 11:52 AM

July 26, 2014 is the feast of St. Anne, the Patron of Anse a Veaux in the Nippes.

Anse a Veaux is expecting crowds of people from all over Haiti and overseas to come to celebrate their patron, St. Ann this weekend, starting Friday July 25 to July to Sunday 27. Anse a Veaux needs hotels, gymnasiums, library, recreations centers, assisted living residences, etc., for tourists to come on vacation.

Welcome to Anse a Veaux in the Nippes anytime.

Architects, real estate brokers, contractors, masons, carpenters, bankers, businessmen get together to rebuild Anse a Veaux and the Nippes.

Do not forget the Nippes, rebuild the Nippes.

The Nippes is a nice place for vacation, honeymoons, retirement.

The Nippes is a nice place to live, to do business.

Develop commerce, agriculture, education and commerce in the Nippes.

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