Haiti future is in French and English. Creole is for the...

Jayca Solman - August 16 2014, 9:34 AM

Haiti future is in French and English.

Creole is for the illiterate people and for those who do not want to learn anything.

Haiti must be universal and compete with the world speaking French as official language, English, and Spanish, etc. Haiti does not want to be called the sleeping pearl in the Carribbean.

Haiti is going forward with French and English like Quebec.

Haiti needs some great universities where students could learn French and English like the French Lyceum in Manhattan.

Haiti expands your horizons.

Haiti opens your mind. Haiti should speak for himself in the world conference.

Who will represent Haiti in the world conference, if Haiti only speaks only creole?

Haiti needs a better future with French and English.

Let us go to school.

Education will transform Haiti.

Haiti needs change.

Open Haiti to the world.

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The future generation in should speak English...


Haiti's Official Language

Mr. President Martelly, Mwen pa ka konprann pouki yon peyi majorite'l pale kreyol e, pou lang ofisyel li se Francais...

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