Delmas needs Laundromats every twelve blocks for the Haitian...

Jayca Solman - August 31 2014, 1:21 PM

Delmas needs Laundromats every twelve blocks for the Haitian people to wash their clothes faster.

Delmas needs a shopping mall, a post office, an outpatient clinic or a medical center, a money transfer office, a pharmacy, a school of Cosmetology, a High fashion school, Automotive school,
a school of computers sciences and Accounting.

Delmas needs a healthcare school like Sanford Brown in New York. Create jobs in private business school.

Tabarre needs a private electric company.

All citizens of
Tabarre should get together to put electricity in Tabarre.

needs a money transfer office, a post office, a French and English Lyceum, a shopping mall, a Laundromat every twelve blocks, a painting school, all types of churches, Protestants, Catholics, hotels, restaurants, an outpatient clinic.

Create jobs in Tabarre.


Haiti - Pwal genyen plis sekirite nan Delmas ak Tabarre, PM Laurent Lamothe fè konnen

Premier Minis peyi a, Laurent Lamonthe, fè konnen ke konyea Police Nationale la pare pou kòmanse ak faz 2...

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