Frustrated Diaspora - My Land Stolen in Haiti

Bethy Gousse-carre - September 6 2014, 9:38 AM

Dear Mr President, I watched vey closely Mr Lamothe visit in Miami and how He seems to be concern about the Diaspora and their wish to return home when time come to retire.

Well, that was my plan until the piece of land I acquired with my retirement savings was stolen from me in Tomassin 47. Mr Edgar Leblanc Notaire, offered to sell me the land I purchased in 2002 in US currency @ the "mirobolent somme de $55.00 le metre carre".

Mr President, I have a court decision that was published in "Le Moniteur".

Making me the owner of that land. But that wasn't enough.

Mr President, I still want to come Home and enjoy my family and friends.

I do want to have the oportunity to invite my foreign freinds to visit my Contry and maybe convince them to travel to Haiti and perhaps consider to also retire in Haiti.

I need your help sir. Help me regain my confidence in my contry, and to make my dream a reality.

God Bless! My E-mail address is bebcarre [at]

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